Liesbeek Water Quality Exercise

Join the Friends of the Liesbeek in an exciting scientific exercise: measuring and comparing the water quality of the Liesbeek and Black rivers under the guidance of water quality experts. This event is part of the 2015 Watershed Festival and is designed to raise awareness about our precious freshwater resources.


What: Liesbeek Water Quality Exrcise
Date: Sunday 15 March 2015
Time: 1pm
Where: Two Rivers Urban Park, Observatory

Urban rivers face many unique challenges as they wind their way from source to the sea, none more so than in the case of water quality. With multiple sources of run-off and contamination, an urban river can easily be rendered hazardous to its surrounding communities and environment if water quality is not monitored and measures are not in place to prevent contamination.

These challenges are more than apparent in the waters of the Salt River that feeds into Table Bay. The Salt River forms at the confluence between the Black and Liesbeek Rivers- two historically polluted urban rivers with different contexts. Whilst various measures have been taken to improve the health of both the Liesbeek and the Black rivers, there have been more resources allocated to the Liesbeek and overall success in improving the river’s water quality.

Views along the Liesbeek River

The Friends of the Liesbeek will be hosting a water quality assessment at the Two Rivers Urban Park at 1pm on Sunday 15 March 2015 as part of the inaugural Watershed Festival. Participants will conduct basic water quality trials in order to contrast and compare the states of the two rivers. This will be realised through a mini-SASS experiment (examining insect abundance and diversity) and water sampling and testing. The exercise will be led by experienced water quality expert Samantha Braid and will end by 3pm.

Numbers are limited, so please RSVP to to book a place in this exciting activity during which we hope to demonstrate the effects that sound environmental management practices can have on water quality in an urban river context.

Meet us at the Two Rivers Urban Park parking lot opposite Hartleyvale hockey stadium on Liesbeek Parkway, near the River Club.

Free of charge!

Please RSVP to: