National Water Week 2018

Given the current drought being felt across the country, not just in Cape Town, access to water is no longer a given or entitlement, it is a luxury, and everyone needs to play their part in ensuring that we all have access to safe water.

Section 27 of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution provides that everyone has the right to ACCESS to sufficient food and water. Unfortunately this doesn’t guarantee that there is water, or how much water is available, or even what that access is i.e. tanker, standpipe or tap in your house. Changing weather patterns, increasing demand, inefficient use, wastage, pollution all threaten the limited availability and the usability of the limited water resources across South Africa. While infrastructure, e.g. desalination and water reclamation, are being developed to increase the supply of water to meet demands, the days of abundant water and careless wastefulness are over.

18-24 March 2018 is National Water Week.  DWS Water Week Booklet 

In particular, 21 March is Human Rights day and 22 March is International Water Day. Consider your role in impacting on – and how you use/demand on water resources. What could you do differently to ensure we all have access to safe water by 2030? Use the water footprint calculator (by Water Footprint Network) to see what your water footprint is.